Lavirae, more commonly called Lavie, appears to be a kitsune; an ancient race of faerie resembling that of humans with fox-like features, namely ears and tail(s). They trace their roots rather closely back to that of the Faewild, an "echo" of the physical world in which locations are linked by ideas rather than physical locations, where faeries and magic are unusully plentiful and powerful.

There are few Kitsune who are born and raised among the material plane, and even fewer who travel there beyond the realms of the faewild. Lavie, however, is part of neither group. Instead, she hails from the heavens; more specifically the plane of Arborea. Here, she trained endlessly to gain strength and power; hoping to one day rival the strength of a god herself.

Eventually, her resolve and strength were noted. She was taken in and given the spoils of her determination; the wellspring of strength and power residing in her body that she had longed for the entire time. She was appointed as a personal bodyguard and confidant to her god and the final, sole wall against any invasion to their realms. She was the determining factor in many battles and wars, single handedly defeating fronts of armies and monsters, standing her ground against gods for weeks on end; most battles eventually ending in part due to boredom. Despite her success, she still longed for more strength; her determination to eventually pass the gods pushed her forward.

Many of the gods – even her own patron – began to fear the strength and skill she continued to stockpile, and soon she was collectively banished, left alone to wander through the planes of existance aimlessly as her power had been stripped from her. After a time too long to quantify, the Summer Queen Titania took notice of her again. She brought her aside and created a new body for her, raising her as her own. The body given to her was that of a kitsune, though she lacked any of the natural magic connection to the faewild. She learned the elementary skill of hiding her ears and tail, but is unable to shapeshift into a fox like most kitsune.

After years growing up and restoring her strength, staying by Titania's side in the Faewild. She was given the title of Summer Knight – the champion of the Summer Court – designating her as an emissary, and allowing her to act and intervene in affairs not directly related to the Sidhe while she was then sent on an expedition to the Material Plane.

Lavie's accent, mannerisms, and appearance all mark her as foreign; often drawing curious glances everywhere she goes. While she is usually rather personable, she does tend to sidestep formalities and may come off as abrasive or rude to many people. She believes her actions should be an extension of her being and reflect her values, not those put forth by a god.

Physically, she is taller than average with an athletic body type. Her slightly rounded hips and smaller chest subtly accentuate her abs as well as her toned thighs and calves. Her messy, light blonde hair falls just below her shoulder blades and is usually tied back in a loose ponytail, with her bangs parted to either side down the middle. She usually keeps her ears and tails hidden while in public view, but often shows them when in private or with close company. While generally she may have a rather imposing or intimidating presence, she is generally a rather soft person around those she trusts.

Race Alignment Eyes Height Gender
Kitsune Chaotic Neutral Green 180cm Female
Religion Age Hair Weight Bust
Titania 34 Light Blonde 158 lb. 36B