Geffen is the city of magic, where denizens of Rune-Midgarts go to become magicians at the magic academy. It was also once the ancient capital of the kingdom of Geffenia. Word has it that the city was built by great wizards of the past as they believed in magic. 

Also in Geffen, there is the guild of blacksmiths who can make elemental weapons. Their abilities are praised throughout the continent.


Geffen is a moderately sized city centered around a large, cone-shaped tower. The city itself is actually dug down into the island it's placed on, setting the majourity of the city itself below sea level. The tower is surrounded by two large concentric rings, stepping up towards ground level on each ring. It is an ideal place to gather all different sorts of magic equipment. Even until now, the city's lights are always on as there are many who research and develop more magic.

To the south of the city lies the Orc Village and Goblin Village. Southwest is the Kordt Forest where the Kobolds dwell. Geffen is also near the Glastheim Castle which is said to have housed gods a long time ago.

Traveling Connections

Kafra agents can provide warping services to and from Izlude, Payon, Alberta, and Aldebaran for a monetary fee.


Many centuries ago, Geffen was the capital city of Geffenia; a legendary kingdom of elves lost to time. It is said that the elven race taught humans the basics of language and survival. The prosperity and peace of their own kingdom made them ignorant of the human's ambition, and in time the humans invaded Geffenia, overthrowing them and destroying the kingdom. The elves that managed to survive were scattered, and even now are near the brink of extinction. Since then, political ties have been mended between the humans and elves, although occasional cases of racism and predjudice are not uncommon.

While not much is known of the ancient kingdom, Geffen itself has largely remained unchanged geographically in the last few hundred years or so.  The Magic Academy still exists with a new director overseeing its curriculum. The Magic Festival hasn't been celebrated in a very long time and it's unknown as to why the tradition has been stopped.

In The Town

Hidden Eden Cafe

To the north-east of Geffen's tower, on the outer ring, lies a quaint two-story coffee-shop style building. While it doesn't appear to be too large from the outside, the interior is managed impecably well to create a feeling of open space that is still warm and comfortable. It presents itself as a high-class resturaunt, keeping only a few select waiters (maids/butlers) to serve its customers. Despite their high-class format, they maintain reasonable prices. Their most famous attraction is a pigmy dragon that has been trained to finish customers' creme brulee at the table.

In a magical world
With a magic cafe
There lives a tiny dragon
That makes creme brulee

The owner of the Hidden Eden Cafe, Rolf, is a fit human male with short, styled black hair and soft, melodious voice. He hangs on to those that appreciate him like a leech, and it was this clingy personality that held back is previous careers. Despite that, he is extremely passionate and proud of his job and pride himself for what he's created.


To the north-west of Geffen's tower, on the inner ring, lies a small, cozy potion shop. Specializing in magic potions and liquids, the Abracapothecary works closely with the Botanica Magica in order to create the generic potions adventurers want (also exporting many to guild halls all over the continent) as well as research and discover new potion recipes for newer and more exciting uses.

The shop is run by Nobu Blankley, a female human that is wheelchair bound with long auburn hair tied into a low ponytail, deep hazel eyes, and relaxed voice. She aims to better the lives of the people around her in order to better her own.

Botanica Magica

To the north-east of Geffen just outside the city's walls lies a small building next to an open-air garden and greenhouse. Specializing in magic (and non-magic) plants of all kinds, the Botanica Magica works closely with the Abracapothecary in town to supply the ingredients for their potions. Additionally, they keep a moderately large shop of their own plants, herbs, fruits, and roots for travelers and geffenian citizens to purchase as well.

The building is run by Melissa Hanes, a female half-elf in a long, white cloak. Her medium length white hair is unkempt and raggedy. She wears crescent glasses with a black rim. She is quiet and reserved most of the time, but warms up to people quickly. Around friends, she is liable to tell dirty jokes and enjoy herself freely. She is a logical person and will generally grow upset if things defy logic.


To the west of Geffen's tower, on the outer ring, lies a large library and book shop.

The library is run by a middle-aged human male. He has shoulder length dark hair, and melancholic brown eyes. He resents family life and as such spurns the advances of admirers. Once upon a time he was praised as the best doctor in town, but eventually grew depressed and over-worked. He turned to a much more peaceful life of book keeping and eventually took over ownership of Bookrest. If he is not behind a counter, he can often be found elsewhere in the building, reading.

Blackstone Forge

To the south-east of Geffen's tower, on the inner ring, lies a respectably sized blacksmithing forge renowned for its elemental work. While the forge is sponsored by a sole individual, it is run by a number of smiths working together. Most of them are kind folk who take pride in their work, however there are one or two smiths that are less charismatic. Generally speaking, they will be happy to help repair or sharpen your equipment, forge new pieces, or imbue your weapons with a certain property.

Magician's Guild (Wizard's Magic Academy)

To the north-west of Geffen's tower, on the outer ring, lies a large building home to the magician's guild. They specialize in teaching prospective mages and wizards in the art of magic as a science via the Wizard's Magic Academy, and are also the lead institution for magical research, discovery, and development. The administration of the academy is inside the central tower of Geffen, while the 'campus' is further to the west, outside of the city.

Nearby Points of Interest

Kordt Forest

A forest to the west of geffen, beyond the Wizard's Magic Academy campus. It is inhabited by blue wolf kobolds, althought the desert dog tribe is welcomed. Crude kobold homes can be found scattered throughout the forest.

Orc Village

The forest beyond the water on the southern side of Geffen's island is home to a tribal village of orcs, surrounded by forests and dotted with numerous trees. It is sustained by a small lake towards the east, and an ocean to the west. The orcs have gone to war with the humans (and any who deal with humans), although the reasons as to why are unknown.

Goblin Village

In the trees of the forests surrounding the orc village lies several goblin encampments, most commonly near rivers and streams. They are well hidden and seem to encroach on the orc's territory. The goblins have made minor technological advancements, including the use of tools and rudimentary vehicles. It is unknown if they are friends or enemies of the orcs.