Izlude is the satellite town of Prontera, and is home to the Swordsman Assoctiation.

King Tristan Gaebolg III built an arena to promote professionals throughout the nation. Even now, may skilled adventurers gather here to show off their talents.


Izlude is located directly southeast of Prontera and functions as the capital's port of traded, as well as a first line of defense against naval attacks. It has docks for both water bound ships and airships, allowing adventurers to travel to Byalan Island and Alberta by sea, and to Juno and Rachel by air.

Travel Connections

Kafra agents can provide warping services to and from Geffen, Payon, and Alberta for a monetary fee. Boat captains can often be convinced to sail you to and from Alberta. The JZ airships travel to and from Juno and Rachel.

Points of Interest

  • Izlude Arena
  • Byalan Island
  • Royal Criatura Academy
  • Pharaos Lighthouse
  • Izlude Beach
  • Izlude Cave


Izlude was built to support Prontera's defenses and accommodate its burgeoning population. The Swordsman Association was once located within the walls of Prontera itself, but as the city's population boomed many Pronterans were forced to relocate to the more roomy Izlude.

King Tristan III later built the Izlude Arena to promote professional competition throughout the nation. Even now, many skilled adventurers gather here to show off their talents, collect rewards, and have their names listed in the arena's Hall of Fame.

Eventually, Izlude underwent major renovation to accommodate a new training academy. The skimmer boat that was once docked at the northeastern part of the island was replaced with a ship that now offers trips to Pharos Lighthouse in addition to Byalan Island and Alberta. Bridge roads connecting Izlude to the mainland and the airship were expanded to accommodate the increase in traffic to the island as a result of the expansions. However, for some reason, much of the Izlude populace has moved out as a result of the renovations.

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