Off the coast of Izlude lies the small tropical island of Jawaii: famous vacation and honeymoon spot. Whether it's drinking and meeting people at the singles bar, or reliving your wedding/honeymoon, Jawaii offers all these and more.

There are rooms with four different themes where couples can share their intimate moments. Although the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom prohibits alcoholic beverages, you can have alcohol in the tavern in Jawaii.


Jawaii consists of two small islands located in the Alberta territory. About half of the bigger island is beach with a special heart-shaped island just off the coast for special photographic occasions. The entire archipelago is accessible to married couples, but unmarried singles are restricted to the tavern. Villagers live peacefully on Jawaii's Love Island to the north where a volcano eruption created high vista views perfect for lovers to enjoy! The closeness to the goddess' heart keeps the island warm and comfortable.


500 years ago, a kind and loving goddess fought the save the world from suffering. Despite her best efforts, she could not end all suffering in the world. Her heart grew weak, and it became too hard for her to bear. To end her suffering, she removed her heart and banished it to an icy prison out in the middle of the ocean where no one would ever disturb it. However, her heart was still warm and began to melt the ancient glacier, eventually creating a beautiful pair of islands.

As more and more peope were married in the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, they longed for a romantic place where they could take a vacation alone with their new husbands and wives. As officiator of wedding ceremonies in Rune-Midgarts, Tristan Gaebolg III recognized the need for such a place and ordered for the development of a lover's paradise; the beautiful, heart-shaped island now known as Jawaii. However, it has also been said that the king has high hopes that this new island will bring much revenue to the kingdom's treasury. Nevertheless, Tristan III is a ruler blessed with kindness, generosity, and perhaps shrewdness.