Morroc is an oasis town located in the Kingdom of Rune-Midgarts. Built in the midst of the Sograt Desert, it is an essential stop for traders in the middle of the continent. They have an advanced dyeing and precious metal refining industry and the area is governed separately by a chief. The cheerful and optimistic nature of the townspeople sometimes baffle visitors with their slow actions.

Monsters have started to inhabit the Sphinx and Pyramids nearby. Adventurers are starting to crowd the place after hearing the news.

According to rumors, a number of Rogue's Guilds are based nearby in the midst of sand storms; each with a certain specialty. (Thief, Assassin, Arcane Trickster)


Morroc City is a desert city in the southwest part of the Midgard continent. This area does not get a lot of water due to being located in the center of the desert. In the past, cities were established near the center of the Oasis, and there were no issues with the water supply.

Points of Interest

  • Mushroom Farm
  • Sograt Desert
  • Morroc Pyramid
  • Sphinx
  • Ant Hell
  • Tomb of Osiris


Long ago, there was  great wat between the Giants and the Gods. The continent of Midgard collapsed under the destructive force of the fire giants from the world of Muspelheim (under the command of the Jotunn, Surt). They were confronted by the king of the gods and were eventually defeated. The devastation caused by the battle caused the Dayr Ocean to be turned into an arid desert, covered in the dead bodies of the Muspel giants.

The defeated giants' bodies eventually changed over time, becoming minerals known now as Adamant, holding some of the power that fueled Surt's fierty sword. As time went by, may tribes started to create Adamant mines, as well as searched for any Muspel artifacts left behind. This led to much conflict among the tribes, each vying for power by seeking these rare resources.

From those tribes rose the Solvive Empire, which became the most prosperous nation of its time. The empire was ruled by Osiris, but was later taken over by his brother Set.

Some time after the fall of the Solvive Empire, the fire Jotunn Surt returne to wreak havoc on Midgard once again. The only one to stand up against him was a long warrior named Thanatos, who engaged Surt in the midst of the Sograt Desert. For ten days, the two fought ferociously, sundering the very ground beneath them with the might of their blows. Finally, on the tenth day, Thanatos defeated Surt and sealed the demonic Jotunn beneath the earth. A shrine was built upon the seal, and around the shrine the town of Morroc was formed.