Rune Midgard is a vast land that spans a Kingdom of six main cities, each city associated with the training of a particular breed of adventurer. Vast territories of the land remain uncharted due to the prevalence of hostile monsters resisting the advance of all but the bravest adventurers. It is generally known to the populace that various other cities and islands with strange names exist beyond the Kingdom, but very few dare stray from the safety of their home, except to trade and travel, and even then, they stick to the relatively secure, though still somewhat risky, paths between cities.

Self Notes:

All players start as novices

Knight = Fighter
Crusader = Paladin
Wizard = Sorcerer
Sage = Wizard
Hunter = Ranger
Bard = Bard/Dancer
Assassin = Rogue (Assassin)
Rogue = Rogue
Priest = Cleric
Monk = Monk

Blacksmith/Alchemist = Artificer Armorer/Alchemist

Class Bonuses


Choose one at LV. 5

  • Bladed Defence - Your training with two handed swords allows you to catch blades with your own.
    • You gain a +1 bonus to AC while wielding two handed swords with which you are proficient.
  • Polearm Expertise - Polearms are simple and effective, and you've learned precisely where to hit to make it count.
    • You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with polearm type weapons.
    • Your range with spears and other throwable polearms is doubled.
  • Counter Attack - Your keen eyes and quick reactions can spot an opening in your opponents defences faster than most.
    • When a creature misses you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to make a single melee weapon attack against the creature. Your critical strike chance is increased by one (Eg. 19-20) for this attack.
  • Charging Attack - You're always the first to charge in to battle; literally. You've learned to put your weight behind it.
    • When you use your action to Dash, you can use a bonus action to make a melee weapon attack or shove a creature. If you move at least 10 feet in a straight line immediately before taking this bonus action, you gain either a +5 bonus to the damage roll or can push the target up to 10 feet away from you respectively.

Choose one at LV. 5

  • Berserk - Choose one of the following that takes effect when you are raging:
    • Numb
      • When you enter rage your Max HP is doubled and fully replenished, but healing has no effect on you.
      • Your AC is halved. Hits surpassing your normal AC value critically hit, and natural crits add an extra damage die.
      • You can not speak.
    • Lasting Damage
      • Your walking speed is increased by 10 ft. when moving towards enemies.
      • Your melee weapon attacks also reduce your targets maximum HP by 1d6.
      • Your critical hits always deal Lingering Injuries.

Choose at LV. 5

New Spells Available:


Choose one at LV. 5

  • Soul Drain
    • When you kill an enemy using a single-target spell, you restore 1d4 mana (or half as much with a cantrip). Increases to 1d6 at level 10 and 1d8 at level 15.
  • Arcane Sight
    • You can see the fabrics of reality as they weave together. When you see someone else casting a spell, you can read the arcane energy and learn what spell they are forming. As a reaction, you can memorize and copy any one spell that you have seen being cast in this way of a level that you know. Memorizing a new spell causes you to forget the last. Increases to two spells at level 10 and three at level 15.

New Metamagic Options:

  • Amplified Spell
    • When you cast a spell that targets only one creature, you can spend sorcery points equal to the spells level + 1 (2 sorcery points if the spell is a cantrip) to double its damage die, as if it were a critical hit.
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Spells (Sorcerer/Wizard)
  • Hocus Pocus
    • Sorcerer/Wizard/Bard 
    • 1st-9th Level (Other)
    • 1 Action
    • Invoke a random spell or one of a few Hocus Pocus specific effects.
  • Magic Rod
    • Sorcerer/Wizard 
    • 4th Level (Abjuration)
    • 1 Reaction
    • Absorbs a single-target spell that is targeting you, negating its damage and giving you a spell slot or mana equal to its level.
  • Sense
    • Sorcerer/Wizard/Bard/Warlock/Cleric 
    • Learn two of the following attributes of your choice about the target:
      • Current Hit Points
      • Armour Class
      • One Ability Score
      • Current Resistances
      • Current Immunities
      • Total Class Levels (if any)
  • Sight
    • Sorcerer/Wizard/Bard/Warlock/Cleric
    • 1 Action
    • Reveals magically hidden enemies in a 15 ft. radius around the user.
  • Lord of Vermillion
    • Sorcerer/Wizard 
    • 8th Level (Evocation)
    • 1 Action
    • Brilliant flashes of explosive bolts rain down from the sky onto the targeted area. Each creature in that light must make a constitution saving throw. On a failed save, a creature takes 12d8 radiant damage and is blinded for 1 minute. On a successful save, it takes half as much damage and isn’t blinded by this spell. Undead and oozes have disadvantage on this saving throw. A creature blinded by this spell makes another constitution saving throw at the end of each of its turns. On a successful save, it is no longer blinded.
  • Ganbantein
    • Sorcerer/Wizard 
    • 1 Action
    • You target a 25 ft. square area. Any spell that would "target" the groun within this area is automatically dispelled and takes no effect.


Choose one at LV. 5

  • Falconry Mastery
    • You gain the command of a falcon. 
      • Blitz Beat
        • When you take the Attack action, you can choose to forego one of your attacks to instead command your falcon to attack, dealing 1d6 damage and granting the next attack against its target advantage. 
      • Detect
        • 1 Bonus Action
        • You command your falcon to search for any hidden creatures within a 90 ft. radius. Anyone hidden in the radius must succeed a DC 16 stealth check or be revealed to the ranger.
  • Falcon's Eyes
    • Increase your wisdom score by +1.
    • You gain proficiency (or double your proficiency) with perception.
    • You gain an increased critical range with ranged weapons (19-20).
Ranger Spells
  • Wind Walker
    • 1st Level
    • 1 Action
    • Increases the walking speed of all friendly creatures within 30 ft. by 10 ft. for 1 minute.



Choose one at LV. 5

  • Katar Mastery
    • Increase your hit and damage rolls by +1 while wielding katars.
  • Compulsive Discount
    • You gain proficiency in intimidation, or double proficiency if you were already proficient. Charisma (Intimidation) checks rolled to reduce the price of items are taken at advantage.


Choose one at LV. 5

  • Mana Recovery
    • Consuming a health potion also has limited effects on your mana. Starting with regular, health potions restores an increasing amount of spell levels equal to it's rarity. A regular health potion can restore one spell level, while a supreme health potion can restore up to four. These levels can be spread out in the players choosing; four spell levels can be one 4th level spell slot, one 2nd level spell slot and two 1st level spell slots, etc.
  • Meditatio
    • All of your healing spells gain an extra die. (Eg. Cure Wounds becomes 2d8, Healing Word becomes 2d4, etc)


  • Lex Aeterna
    • Level: 6th
    • Casting Time: 1 Action
    • Duration: 1 Minute
    • You attempt to curse a creature you can see within range. The target must suceed on a Wisdom saving throw or be cursed for the duration. While cursed, the target is vulnerable to all types of damage. The curse ends after the next damaging effect on the target. At the end of each of its turns the target can make another Wisdom saving throw. On a success, the curse ends.
  • Lex Divina
    • Level: 6th
    • Casting Time: 1 Action
    • Duration: Concentration, 1 Minute
    • You attempt to silence a creature you can see within range. The target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be cursed for the duration. While cursed, the target can not speak, cast or concentrade on spells, or make any other non-verbal noise from its mouth. At the end of each of its turns, the target can make another Wisdom saving throw. On a success, the curse ends.
  • Holy Ground
    • Level: 3rd
    • Casting Time: 1 Action
    • Duration: Concentration, 1 Minute
    • You create an area of holy ground in a 15 ft. square at your feet. You and any allies in the area regain 3d6 hit points at the end of your turn. Every spell level beyond 2nd increases the amount by 1d6.
  • Redemptio
    • Level: 8th
    • Casting Time: 1 Action
    • Duration: Instantaneous
    • Range: 120 ft. Radius
    • You willingly sacrifice your body in return for the safe passage of your allies. All friendly creatures within range are fully restored to health. If they were dead and their soul is free and willing, they return to life. This spell closes all wounds, neutralizes any poisons, cures all diseases, and lifts any curses affecting the creature when it died. The spell replaces damaged or missing organs and limbs. If the creature was undead, it is restored to its non-undead form. The spell can even provide a new body if the original no longer exists (as long as their location of death is within range), in which case you must speak the creature's name. The creature then appears in an unoccupied space you choose within 10 feet of you.
    • After using this spell, your hit points are reduced to 0. While unconcious from this spell, your death saving throws are thrown at disadvantage, and you can not benefit from any sources of healing, magic items, or features. Your life is entirely up to fate. 
    • This spell can be cast even if you do not have a spell slot of appropriate level available.

  • Fury
    • As a bonus action, you can expend 1 Ki point to focus and unleash your inner power for one minute. For the duration, your critical strike window is increase by one (Eg. 19-20).

Choose one at LV. 5

  • Raging Combo 
    • [Lv. 5] Chain Combo - After you take the Flurry of Blows bonus action and both attacks hit, you can choose to spend another Ki point to strike a third time with another unarmed attack.
    • [Lv. 10] Chain Crush Combo - If your Chain Combo hits its target, you can choose to expend another Ki point to continue, striking a fourth time with a -5 penalty to the attack roll and +5 bonus to the damage roll.
    • [Lv. 15] Asura Strike - If your Chain Crush Combo hits its target and you are in the Fury state, you can choose to expend three Ki points to continue your combo, striking a fifth time with all of your strength. Instead of your normal unarmed damage, you deal 10d10+STR. This ability can critically hit.
  • Focused Strike
    • When you take the Attack action, you can spend 1 Ki point to focus the strike against an enemies mass. If the attack hits, the target is shoved 10 ft. in the direction of your punch at the end of your turn. If struck in this way more than once, the target is shoved in consecutive order.
  • Root
    • As a reaction, you can expend 2 Ki points to attempt to catch an enemies weapon that was about to hit you or someone within 5 ft. of you. You make a Dexterity (Acrobatics) check with a DC equal to the enemies attack roll. On a success, you catch the enemies weapon. While holding their weapon in this way, both you and the enemy are restrained. On a failure, you take additional damage equal to half of the damage dealt to the original target.