Prontera is the capital of the Kingdom of Rune-Midgarts. Many people live actively in this city. The Prontera Church and the King's Chivalry are also based here (Many of those who wish to become knights, crusaders, and priests gather here with their dreams.) Through the orders of King Tristan Gaebolg III, new swordsmen are being trained to become members of the chivalry.

The center fountain has become a free market, as ordered by the king, with vendors and all different types of shoppers buying and selling items. On a side note, King Tristan Gaebolg III allowed the public to visit the castle, but as he is very busy, you will not be able to see him in the royal chamber.


Prontera is a vast metropolis that spans over a giant hill in the mainland. Within its midst lies that garibard town square and hgh above the town looms the Prontera castle. In the southeastern portion of town lies the tavern, but due to King Tristan's decree that Rune-Midgarts be dry, no alcohol is served there. However, someone in the tavern will take you to a taver that's not so dry if you know who to talk to.

In The Town

Central Road

As you enter the city, you're greeted to a lightly-coloured, finely cobble-bricked road. Leading up the road are numerous shops and resturaunts lining the sides of the street, as well as an innumerable amount of small side roads twisting and turning through the buildings, and an equally incredible amount of street-market stands; selling everything from fruit to fletchings. The shops nearer to the entrance of the city seem to be more gauged towards adventurers, selling a few bleak potions, arrows, and cured meats.

About half way up the road there is an intersection, splitting to each side and wrapping around a small inner wall. Inside the wall, you notice the many street-market stalls have transitioned to foods and other small goods and trinkets. You also notice that many of the stands have looked almost identical to eachother - with the exception of the colour of the canvas shade - and many of the people behind those stands also appear to be other adventurers.

Beyond the foundtain, further down the road, lies a smaller square containing a large statue of two shaking hands. A plaque at the base of it claims it is a commemoration of the Schwarzwald-Midgart Treaty. Not far beyond this square the road splits again, just before the drawbridge to the castle.

Central Fountain

In the center of the town is a large, octagonal town plaza. In the middle, a large fountain with brilliantly clear, almost sparkling water and lush planters filled with small bushes and flowers. Here, many townsfolk work to advertise their shops (most of which are in the immediate area). The central road continues beyond the fountain and towards the castle, but also splits into two opposite directions as well.

Prontera Castle

Continuing north along the main road, beyond the fountain, lies a large, blue-roofed castle on a large hill feature. Upon closer inspection, the castle itself is completely surrounded by a flowing moat. The drawbridge is down, guarded only by two knights of the chivalry and what appears to be a gatekeeper in a small booth. Beyond the back side of the castle and outside of the external walls is a large river canal; the source of water feeding the moat and great defence against attacks from the rear of the city.

Guild Hall / Job Agency

Back at the central fountain, traveling off to the left side of the main road takes you building comparatively large to the ones next to it. Looming over the front entrance is an archway connecting the building to another on the opposite side of the street. Both for adventurers and citizens alike, the Job Agency keeps track of any and all requests for workers or adventurers, as well as everyone offering their services. They organize, categorize, and offer each job or quest to any relevant people asking for work, and in return take a small cut of the offical reward or payment. Amoung other services, they also offer currency exchange, references, and small meals. Many adventurers stick near this building in the day, waiting to be called on for a quest.

The desk clerk's name is Aggie; a mild-mannered but short-tempered, red-haired half-elf girl. She tends to most of the public relations of the hall; tracking what group has which task as well as payment for tasks finished, while others behind the scenes manage the more mechanical aspect of matching qualified adventurers (or townsfold) to each request (or job).

The Knight's Chivalry

The headquarters of The Order of the Knights, who are sworn to serve the king of Rune-Midgarts. It is located in the north-western corner of the city and regularly receive new recruits from the Swordsman Association in Izlude. They largely specialize in training swordsmen and spearmen for The Order of the Knights, but will offer training to adventurers looking to better their battle as well. They also hire out spearmen mercenaries to adventurers in need of help.

Church of Pelor

A moderately sized monastery holding a weekly service, located in the north-eastern corner of the city. Most church goers and priests worship the god Pelor, though the church itself practices acceptance and, while their sermons are typically intended for Pelor-worshipping audiences, they are open-minded and allow each patron to worship their own gods in congregation; as they feel the general aura of acceptance is much more important than the specifics.


A small tailor shop, located on the closer-left corner of the first intersection along the main road. It is a two-story building with the shop on the first level and living quarters on the second; housing a small family. The shop is run by a husband and wife whom have one young daughter; Alan, Tarah, and Julie respectively. Alan can normally be seen through a door in the back of the shop, working to sew and stitch clothes together while Tarah juggles the front desk and organizing the shop. Julie can occasionally be seen walking around, though she's more often sleeping in the back room with her father or playing upstairs.

The Whetstone

An armour and weapons smithy, located beyond the far-right edge of the central plaza; in a building just being the one facing the plaza. The majourity of the shop is open-air, leaving all of the blacksmith's tools, forge, anvil, etc open. Off to the side is a small, almost gift-shop like storefront where most of the finished weapons and armour are behind. The shop is owned by the blacksmith; a burly-looking human male named Daryn who is constantly covered in soot and missing a pinky finger on his left hand, while the front desk is run by his childhood friend, a rather lithe human female named Brooke.

Good Knight's Rest

An inn, located nearby to The Kight's Chivalry. Their primary market was to offer a place for new recruits to the chivalry to stay, but also offer beds to adventurers and travelers. If officially training at The Knight's Chivalry, room and board at the Good Knight's Rest is payed for by The Order of the Knights. Due to demand, they have bought a few of the surrounding buildings to convert into rooms. While they don't have particularly much to offer, the beds are comfortable and their rates aren't exorbitant.


A small jewelry shop, located on the right side of the main road, just inside the inner wall. The shop run by a moderately tall, well-endowed kitsune woman named Naomi and is well kept. The inside is rather expensive looking, featuring glass display cases and marble countertops throughout. The displays are filled with hundreds of intricate pieces of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and even a few small crowns and tiaras (though they are extremely expensive). The store owner will also make custom pieces, including minor magical enchantments (of the illusion or charm school). Prices routinely reach anywhere from 3-7x the products actual worth in gems and materials, but the store owner will happily accept any haggling down to 40% of the listed price (or 30% at DC15, 20% at DC20, +2 if price would be less than components).

Residential Districts

On the outer ring of the city, mainly concentrated on each side, are the main residential districts. The majority of the townspeople live in these densely housed areas. Buildings are generally locked, but many residents keep their windows open when at home. Walking through the residential districts leads you through smells of lunch and dinner being cooks (depending on the time). In the center of these densely packed areas there are small central areas containing some planters, benches, and a grassy area with a few trees; presumably for many children to play together while remaining near their homes.

Nearby Points of Interest

  • Prontera Culverts
  • St. Capitolina Abbey
  • Izlude
Prontera Culverts

To the west of prontera lies the entrance to the culverts; the underground water transport system of Prontera receiving its water from the nearby river. It is guarded only by a single knight in a small, booth-like building. He won't allow anyone to enter without a reason.

St. Capitolina Abbey

To the north-east of prontera, through a long distance of dense, maze-like forest lies a small monastery; a place far removed from the busy streets where many monks practice and meditate. Long ago, the shrine itself was once built upon the grave of a great demon in order to seal them away. Currently, however, the area remains quiet and serves primarily as a graveyard for the people of prontera, and a place of worship for many monks. A few of the saints entrusted to the shrine will offer their wisdom to any adventurer willing to travel to the monastery in order to better themselves as monks.


Izlude is the satellite town located to the south-east of Prontera, and is home to the Swordsman Assoctiation. The town acts primarily as a trade port for Prontera, but is also a first line of defence against any naval attacks. King Tristan Gaebolg III built an arena to promote professionals throughout the nation. Even now, may skilled adventurers gather here to show off their talents.