Obelisk of Inspiration
  • An obelisk that has a different riddle every day. Correctly answering the riddle gives each player one use of inspiration that lasts the rest of the day. A player may choose to give their use of inspiration to another player. (As a bonus, one riddle rarely repeats until the party is suspicious. A later puzzle is solved with the hits/info gathered from the riddle.)
    • "I have towns without people, forests without trees, and rivers without water." - "A map."
    • "I have a head and a tail, but no legs. I am probably with you now." - "A coin."
    • "I am made of five letters, and seven. I have keys without locks. Concerned with time, but not clocks." - "A piano."
    • "Name me, and so ye shall break me." - "Silence."

One-Shots and Minor Campaigns

A few simple story beats and quests without much thought or overarching story behind them. Useful for when there's nothing else to do, or a quick imprompty quest is needed.

Sky Pirates
  • The Juno Zeppelin Transportation System has been (or is currently being) attacked by sky pirates.
Prison Break
  • A high profile criminal has escaped from prison; you need to find out how. Then track them down, capture, and return them.

Majour Story Arcs

Glast Heim
Kiel Hyre