Japan 2.0 Travel Log

Primary Costs

Flights - $2,800/Adult
Food - 5,000¥/Adult per Day

Zaō Fox Village

Shiroishi, Miyagi, Japan - 1,000¥/Adult

A fox sanctuary home to hundreds of foxes that you can feed and interact with. During the spring there may be a chance to hold and take a picture with a fox cub. There is also a bunny petting area.

Ebisu Circuit

Fukushima, Nihommatsu, Sawamatsukura - 30,000¥ + 500¥/Adult

Ebisu Circuit is a complex of seven individual tracks plus two "skid pad" circuits designed for drifting. You can also rent a Drift Taxi to take you around the drift circuits for a set fee (plus an insurance fee per passenger.)

Fiji-Q Highland

Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi - 6,000¥/Adult

Basically the Six Flags of Mt. Fuji, has plenty of rollercoasters and rides to enjoy for the day, highly recommend Fujiyama (the former worlds highest rollercoaster). Also has the current world record for steepest rollercoaster.

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Viewing

Tokyo - Free

Just walking around and looking at the cherry blossoms, buying food from vendors and enjoying the scene. No real admissions or specific areas (other than the cost of traveling in cherry blossom season, which is probably an extra few hundred dollars or something.)


Taito City - Free (>10,000¥)

It's Akihabara. Predominant landmarks in the area include Maid Cafes, Sega Arcades, Cat Cafe MOCHA, and countless other anime-themed things. It's free to travel there, but you're gonna want a good bit of spending money; both for the arcades and any souveniers you may find. If theres something at an arcade you really want, chances are you can buy it from the arcade itself, or a nearby store for pretty cheap.