Momoko is a kitsune; an ancient race of faerie resembling that of humans with fox-like features, namely ears and tail(s). They trace their roots rather closely back to that of the Faewild, an "echo" of the physical world in which locations are linked by ideas rather than physical locations, where faeries and magic are unusully plentiful and powerful.

Unlike many Kitsune on the material plane, she was born in the Faewild. She doesn't remember much of her life there, though, other than a few fleeting moments and memories that she'd rather forget. She traveled to the physical world in search of a refuge and found herself in a country riddled with disdain for "her kind" where she attempted to live on her own. Through ridicule and shaming, she learned to be skeptical of everything and everyone, and primarily how to look after herself. 

However, this was also the same place she would meet her soon to be best friend; the sheltered princess Suzuno, another kitsune whos family's title had been cause for upset within the province. After attempting to climb a tree near the palace in search for food or shelter, a branch gave way and she fell within the palace walls. The impact was heard by the princess who took to investigation and found the scruffy, golden-haired fox girl laying in the grass. Upon seeing another kitsune, the princess was surprised. This was the first person she had seen, other than her mother, who had ears and a tail the same as she did; and it was a girl only a few years older than her. She offered food and clothing to the starving Momoko, who eagerly accepted the offer and was given one of the robes from the princess' mother's wardrobe. After their first encounter, she returned quite often for both food and shelter, quickly warming up to the princess and soon becoming inseparable friends, spending most of their days talking, playing, and bonding with each other. 

Eventually, the princess had to flee the country due to a civil war. She soon snuck aboard a small pirate ship in search of food and became an accidental stowaway, travelling across an ocean to the new world. Despite this, the girls has already begun forming a soul bond; an innate magical connection that generates between two kitsune in a close relationship; most notably those of family and life-long friends. This connection imprints a small fraction of their soul on to one another and allows them to feel for that connection through the worlds ley-lines which can manifest in multiple ways; such as that of a compass, allowing a kitsune to know the rough direction someone they have a bond with is in, or a dream connection which connects their emotions and experiences through dreams and, occasionally, nightmares.

As soon as Momoko noticed her friend was missing, she began searching. She used the small soul bond they shared to find the direction she had to travel and began her parallel journey to find Suzuno. After many dozens of new moons separated, the two girls finally managed to find each other again on nearly the other side of the world. There, they found a new life together in a land that beleived their kind to be only a myth; who treated them as nothing more than foreigners. They ran their fair share of odd jobs; cooking, traveling, and performing, as well as a few smaller adventures which were more often just excuses to be off and alone with each other. They grew closer than ever before, and are now the duo seen today.

Most days, Momoko spends her time roaming around cities in search for something to entertain herself with; be it cooking, eating, fire, alcohol, finding things to keep for herself, or just generally being mischevious as the Kitsune are known for. Other times she can be found with Suzuno playing pranks on tavern folk or walking hand in hand. Those who look past her eyes can see that despite her relatively care-free nature, she's faced horror and is no stranger to her own darkness. From this, most people tend to either fear or pity her, and will extend their courtesies to help her (assuming she hasn't already wronged them), despite not explicitly knowing or liking her.

Physically, despite her small stature, her body is fully matured and deceptively voluptuous for her size; though she is often not taken seriously due to her height and lack of any apparent self-grooming. Her magic hides her ears and tail in few situations to avoid unnecessary attention; her fox ears appearing as no more than messy hair, and her tail hidden completely. In most cases though, her ears and tail are on full show. Her ears usually slightly flattened out and angled to the sides while her tails are hidden to show only one large, fluffy one.

Race Alignment Eyes Height Gender
Kitsune Chaotic Neutral Golden 147cm Female
Religion Age Hair Weight Bust
None 20 Golden Blonde 120 lb. 32F



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