suzunoportrait.pngSuzuno is a kitsune; an ancient race of faerie resembling that of humans with fox-like features, namely ears and tail(s). They trace their roots rather closely back to that of the Faewild, an "echo" of the physical world in which locations are linked by ideas rather than physical locations, where faeries and magic are unusully plentiful and powerful.

Suzuno was born to a warlord who had conquered most of the Unapproachable East and a kitsune sorceress hailing from deep in the mountains. Around the time of her birth, there was unrest in most of her father's provinces; which would only worsen over time. After seven years of turmoil, the people were losing faith in their lords power and honour, and believed his wife to be a witch, unfit for the throne.

After the eighth year, the common folk began tearing the land into a war zone. For three years, a civil war took place to exile the "witch queen". During this time, the public image of kitsune dropped even further, forcing Suzuno to stay isolated within the palace walls until she could learn to use her masked form to hide her kitsune features. One morning, Suzuno heard a sound from the garden. On further investigation, she found the scruffy, golden-haired fox girl laying in the grass next to a broken tree branch. This was the first person she had seen other than her mother who shared the same kind of ears and tail; and it was a girl only a few years older than her. She learned her name, Momoko, and offered food and clothing to her which were eagerly accepted. Finding that none of the robes from her own wardrobe would fit, the princess gave her a dress from her mother's dresser. After their first encounter, Momoko returned quite often for both food and shelter, quickly warming up to the princess and soon becoming inseparable friends, spending most of their days talking, playing, and bonding with each other. 

At the age of eleven, she was rushed out of her home by one of her father's most loyal servants; the capital having been set aflame over night, her parents nowhere to be seen, and the rebels killing all in sight. The young man, now her new caretaker, taught the princess as much as he could to help her survive on her own, though the most she could do at her age was hide and steal. In an attempt to bid farewell, the caretaker went back to the capital with the princess at his side. Her father, his master, was sheduled to be executed and he wanted to say his final goodbyes. He warned the princess not to come, but she followed him regardless. She watched in horror as her father was executed in front of her, only assuming that her mother had already been stoned or executed in the same way as her father. She ran away, traumatized.

At the age of eleven, with nobody to help her survive she quickly grew hungry and cold. Desperate, she started to steal food in plain sight, hiding from the town guard in order to eat. She followed those she thought were wealthy grabing any coin she could. Eventually she noticed a man who didn't resemble the common people around her. At first she didn't know if she should follow him; he was dressed flamboyantly, with a kind yet dangerous looking face. She insisted to herself that a foreigner traveling to her country meant he must be rich, and that following him would mean food and money. She followed him to a large ship, adorned with a black flag. She managed to sneak on to the ship despite the large amount of security on the dock, eventually making her way to the chef's quarters where she ate until she was full. Once she tried to leave, she realized the ship had already set sail.

As an accidental stowaway, that was how she had met the man that ended up adopting her. Being discovered soon after setting sail, the captain would listen to her story with intrigue. He agreed to let her stay on the ship as long as she felt she wanted to be there, which she much preferred over swimming miles back to shore. She trained while on the ship, with one crew mate specifically showing interest in teaching her. They were an odd bunch; nobody really seemed mean, but they were pirates. They expected her to pull her weight, and she did. They tried teaching her a few different fighting styles, though she was too weak for most of the weapons at the time. Despite their low expectations, she showed excellent dexterity, being able to weave between blades as she found her enemy's blind spots, using a dagger gifted to her by her new mentor.

Although she had a new life, Suzuno still dwelt on her past, nightmares haunting her for a time after she left the coast. Forgotten to many kitsune in the material plane, there is a bond; a bond between kitsune that imprints a small part of their soul on one another, allowing them to find a connection through the ley-lines of the world. Most kitsune born in the material plane have forgotten, but to those from the Faewild, the connection can be manifested in a few ways. Most notably a compass that can lead them towards one another, or a dream connection which shares both their emotions and experiences through their dreams and nightmares. Unknown to Suzuno, her mother yet lived thanks to her father's sacrifice. The connection between her and her mother manifesting in their dreams; the pain the two went through, the loss of everything they once loved fueling each other's restless sleep. Back home, a mother mourning her lost daughter; and on the seas, a child missing her dead parents.

After years of travel with the pirate crew, Suzuno eventually landed on the coast on nearly the other side of the world, eventually being found by Momoko who had been searching for her ever since she disappeared. They found a new life together in a land that beleived their kind to be only a myth; who treated them as nothing more than foreigners. They ran their fair share of odd jobs as well as a few smaller adventures which were more often just excuses to travel alone with one another, growing even closer together.

Most days, she spends her time teasing her friends, stealing from those she doesnt like (mostly rich assholes), picking locks for fun, or spending time at the local taverns. Other times she can be found with Momoko playing pranks on tavern folk or walking hand in hand. Despite her normally quite joyful attitude, those who look into her eyes can feel the pain she has endured and she struggles to make many friends due to that, coupled with her somewhat common invasion of personal space and her unfamiliar ways of expressing affection and contempt.

Physically, she's below average in height with a slender, dextererous figure. Her red eyes contrast with the white of her hair, drawing attention to her still somewhat childish face. Her fox ears stand similarly tall and slender atop her head primarily facing forward with her three tails resting together, matching the same colour and almost blending in to appear as one larger tail.

Race Alignment Eyes Height Gender
Kitsune Chaotic Neutral Red 152cm Female
Religion Age Hair Weight Bust
Raven Queen 16 White 100 lb. 30A