Shops and Stores

Magical Lingerie Shop

There are mannequins who are showing off the lingerie. When a character gets close enough, and seem interested in what they see, the mannequin they are observing comes to life. They make flirty chit chat in an effort to sell what they're wearing. For female PCs, they can suggest how nice the attire would look on the PC. (Stated as wooden golems or a low level charismatic bard, because someone will probably try to take one.)

Negligee of Many Fashions; same effect as the cloak of many fashions, but it must be lingerie.

Candle of Many Scents; a scent changing candle that helps "set the mood" for distracting enemies, giving a bonus to distraction (performance) checks.

Battle Ready Armor (B.R.A.); lingerie for when the target isn't charmed and you need to fight. When activated, the user's AC becomes 12+cha modifier

Bra of Holding; this bra doesn't just hold your breasts nicely in place, they also function as a miniature bag of holding, perfect for the undercover femme fatale.
The effects scale with breast size. Starting at zero, each cup size increases the weight limit by ten and cubic size by one. A woman with B-cup size breasts wearing this bra would be able to store up to 20 pounds and 2 cubic feet.

Binder of Holding; a highly efficient binder, fitting of all sizes. Capable of making even the most busty women appear completely flat. Your breasts are safe in the void!

The Corset of Illusion; anyone wearing this may cast alter-self and appear thinner, curvier, "bouncier", and overall more 'feminine' and beautiful. Works on all genders.

The Bedazzler; this set of lingerie is filled with shining stones of all colors, while wearing this the user has disadvantage to stealth rolls but advantage to performance and persuasion rolls. As an action the user can activate the set to let out all of its light and blind creatures within 30 feet who can see the user. Once used the Bedazzler grants no bonus effects until recharged by spending at least 8 hours in direct sunlight. (A long rest.)

Garments of Humiliation; requires attunement, speak the command word to turn the clothes invisible. Cannot be used by the wearer.

Hitachi's Magic Wand; once per day, a creature may spend a short rest using this item to gain advantage on all CHA saves and ability checks for 1d4 hours.



In a magical world
With a magic cafe
There's a tiny dragon
That makes Creme brulee